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Case Studies

Here are some examples of the varied ways we work with our clients.

The British Museum

Case study - Long term static installation

The British Museum in London is dedicated to human history and culture. Its permanent collection, numbering some 8 million works, is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence. We proudly held the contract for outdoor catering in their magnificent courtyard.

When choosing a catering supplier, the museum had a set of very strict requirements pertaining to food quality, customer service and equally, presentation. In fact, for almost 10 years prior, numerous caterers had tried and failed to submit proposals that successfully met the strict criteria of the site.

Through careful collaboration with the museum, in 2011, we installed our first units and the attention to detail paid off as in our first month of operating, we generated more income than the in-house caterer had done in the courtyard in the entire previous year. Furthermore, we were able to cater an area of the museum that hadn't been hitherto commercialised.

Many units that were used at the museum were custom built from scratch including the beautifully restored antique ice cream vans from our Vintage Catering division. All units were tailored to the site - from the menus to the carefully designed livery.

FSC at the British Museum

FSC at the British Museum

What they had to say:

"Throughout their time at the Museum, Five Star Catering consistently delivered an all-round first class service, whilst operating within the confines of the strict guidelines as set out by the British Museum.
Their financial performance far exceeded the Museum's expectations and the presence of their vintage vehicles on the Museum's Forecourt added a new dimension to this space."

Director of Hospitality,
The British Museum

British Museum Logo

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Case study - Outdoor event catering

We were delighted to be given the once in a lifetime opportunity to supply the full range of outdoor catering along the whole route of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday 3rd June 2012.

Due to the scale of the event, the organising committee had thought it would be necessary to contract two separate firms - each to cater one bank of the river but we were confident we could handle the whole job and successfully submitted a proposal on how we thought it could be achieved.

This was the largest single day project we had ever undertaken and we had only been given 6 weeks lead-time from acquiring the catering rights. During this period it was necessary to liaise with 7 different councils, evaluate 62 different pitch locations and prepare and sign-off 62 units with suitable menus.

We were delighted that the end project was as wonderfully successful as the rest of this spectacular Pageant. With a team of more than 350 staff including 50 supervisors, we were able to feed thousands of hungry visitors and generate a healthy income for our client.

FSC at The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

What they had to say:

"I just wanted to write to thank you personally and on behalf of the TDJP foundation for your support and help. It was a pleasure to work with FSC on such a great occasion. We were very pleased with the quality of the offer that was made to the public and the team was very comfortable with the working relationship on the ground"

Commercial Director,
The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant Logo

Glastonbury Festivals

Case study - Festival catering

This year will see the 10th anniversary of our working partnership with the world famous Glastonbury music festival - something we are very proud of!

What started off as a few allocated catering pitches, quickly developed into us operating one of the largest catering facilities at the event. We have invested in a bespoke 36 meter long marquee which offers a wide and unique range of food and drink to festivalgoers. This marquee acts as the heart of our operations and helps provide a suitable sense of theatre for an event which first began way back in in 1970.

As any regular visitors to the Glastonbury festival will know, each year the event presents its own set of unique challenges with the unpredictable British weather topping the list! We like to think we have learned from each of these experiences and it has helped up improve our festival services and taught us how to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. We are also grateful to our loyal group of on-site customers who continue to make our experience so rewarding.

Glastonbury Festival Logo
FSC at Glastonbury Festival
FSC at Glastonbury Festival

Blackberry / RPM

Case study - Individual unit hire

FSC works with Blackberry

This is a great example of how FSC have worked with marketing teams to provide units specially prepared for a specific use. On this occasion, marketing agency, RPM on behalf of Blackberry wanted a staffed ice cream van for use in a summer brand campaign.

The idea behind this promotion was to attract and reward non-owners of Blackberry devices with free ice cream in exchange for taking part in a short product demonstration. It was a very simple yet effective campaign and testament to the clever thinking of the strategists at RPM.

We are now proud to be trusted by many well-known brands to represent them by regularly supplying quality units and customer service, which is reflective of their own brand values.

Blackberry Logo

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Finals

Case Study – Full catering solution

FSC works with Blackberry

FSC were chosen to provide a full catering solution to the sold-out 'Final Four' event for the Euroleague basketball Finals that were held in spectacular fashion at London's Trafalgar Square.

Included in our package were outdoor, VIP, BOH, crew and staff catering as well as Ice Cream and a public bar. We successfully achieved this with only a one month lead time.

The event saw 50,000 people attend over the three days and the magnificent activation including a near full size basketball court on Trafalgar Square was the biggest to date.

Turkish Airlines Euroleague Logo

What they had to say:

"Thank you so much for your support over the last couple of days. The event was a fantastic success for our client and us. We look forward to working with you guys again in the future!"

The sponsorship agency

Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival 2014

Case Study – Full catering solution

FSC works with Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival

During the tender process for the Tall ships festival we were up against some of the UK’S largest event caterers. Our bid to manage the food and beverage concessions was successful and we were awarded the contract last summer. The event was expecting over 2 million visitors during the festival.

For the event we sold local beers from two London based breweries across 8 bars and also supplied 30 variety of catering units and 8 ice cream vans across the four festival sites, spread across East and South-East London.

Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival 2014