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We believe the new generation of UK consumer expects a much higher standard of 'food to go.' While taste is always paramount, the healthiness and nutritional value is playing a larger role in end-user food selection. Origin and traceability of ingredients are also important factors.

At FSC, we are proud of our commitment to providing quality food and drink that is both delicious, nutritious and wherever possible, locally sourced. We vet our suppliers very carefully and have built strong relationships with UK farms – both large and small – some of which are detailed below.

Variety is a key strength too. Our units cater a wide selection of cuisines to suit different venues, tastes and diets. Like all our services, menus can be tweaked or totally customised where required to create the best possible customer experience.

Examples of the cuisines / unit types we operate

Angus premium burgers

Lebanese / shawarma

Traditional hog roast

Authentic Mexican

Quality kebabs

Coffee, tea & hot beverage

Pulled Pork

Donuts & churros

Mobile creperie

Barbecue / outdoor grill

‘Healthy option' units

Vegetarian / vegan

Chinese / noodle bar


Fresh sandwiches /baguettes

Jacket Potatoes

Traditional fish & chips

Ice cream

Cakes & sweets

Licensed bars

Handmade Sandwiches

Josef Caffe

Josef Caffe is our signature food and drink brand. Over the years, the Josef logo has become synonymous with our ethos of providing delicious, health conscious and responsibly sourced products for the 'food to go' market.

Fixed units can be found at some of London’s biggest tourist attractions such as the Tower of London and Battersea Park as well as local institutions such as Crystal Palace FC’s Selhurst Park Stadium. The brand is also used on our top-end Mercedes Benz based ice cream and refreshment vans.

Josef Caffe Units
Josef Caffe Logo

Mom’s hotdogs Logo

Mom’s Original is the original gourmet frankfurter from Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs, all pork, traditionally slow smoked over kiln dried beechwood and in a natural hog casing for that all important snap. Team it with our deluxe brioche roll and add your choice of toppings and you’ll have something really special to wow your customers with

Ben Burgers Logo

Established in 1999, Ben Burgers are the country’s foremost manufacturer of prime 100% pure free-range British steak beef burgers. Their multi award winning burgers provide a healthy meal that is never compromised on quality, texture or taste. Naturally fresh – these burgers produce a wonderful eating experience with a juicy bite texture and ultimately an unrivalled taste sensation.

Masion du Pain Logo

All our bread and bread products are supplied from the Maison du Pain bakery. Established in 1982, they have built an excellent reputation for premium quality products that are superior to that of most large capacity bakeries. They regularly deliver their freshly baked bread from their state of the art factory in London to supply all our catering operations. They also have the flexibility to supply any speciality breads where required.

Dingley Dell Logo

From their farm near Woodbridge in the beautiful Deben valley of Suffolk comes Dingley Dell Pork. The great flavour of their sausages is a result of the breeds they use, great animal health and welfare with balanced nutrition and a stress-free environment. As the pork from Dingley Dell is produced locally, this enables the shortest possible supply chain route between the farm and the end user.

Teapig Logo

The tea we sell comes from a firm called Teapigs who produce a wide range of tea – all of the highest quality. They only produce whole leaf tea from selected estates with sustainable business models. Supplied in sumptuous biodegradable Tea Temples, they allow the whole leaves all the space they need to infuse properly and provide the perfect tea. Teapigs are known for their ethical supply approach.

Drury Logo

Drury have over seventy five years experience in blending fine quality teas and roasting the world's finest gourmet coffees. The inspiration for their name comes from their headquarters in Drury Lane. To this day, they remain a family-owned business offering some of the very best teas and coffees available in the UK. They supply a huge variety of coffees, both beans and ground including blends for espresso, filter and cafetière use.

Callestick Farm

Since 2007, FSC have worked exclusively with Callestick Farm to provide our customers with superb dairy ice cream. Callestick Farm, located in the heart of Cornwall, is an award winning ice cream producer owned by the Parker family for over 50 years. Their products are made using milk and cream from their own small heard of Friesians and other 100% natural ingredients.

Callestick Farm provides FSC with an exclusive Cornish soft whip mix that is now used in all our ice cream vans and outlets. The mix was co-developed after years of research to find the ultimate soft whip ice cream experience. The result is an unmistakable clean taste and smooth texture without the ‘artificial’ after taste so common with the mass-produced brands.

More information on Callestick Farm can be found on their website:

Callestick Farm Logo